Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Client: Howard G. Franklin, Author
Location: Portland, Oregon
Industry: Book Publishing

Mindbuck Media (Book Publicity) recommended Both/And Media to be the social media team to promote the upcoming release of the novel Gideon’s Children by Howard G. Franklin.  We jumped on the chance to get the word out about this book which tells the story of a young and idealistic lawyer during the pivotal Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.

What we have done & continue to do for Gideon’s Children / Howard G. Franklin:

  • Social Media Plan for pre-launch and extensive launch campaign
  • Devised and implement promotions, contests and online events
  • Facebook & Goodreads ad campaigns
  • Design and creation of original branded posts
  • Outreach and audience building from diverse groups (law, academia, journalism, readers groups)
  • Community management and reporting for Twitter, Google+, Goodreads + utilizing Pinterest & Instagram for awareness and branding
  • Social media consulting, training and strategy
  • Ongoing social outreach and relationship building with audience.

The Win:

We gathered a highly engaged audience with plenty of buzz for the book’s launch and increased sales and awareness of the book after the launch.  Our efforts to find just the right inlfuencers and media outlets to promote  to a diverse audience brought an author with virtually no social media presence to the fore of a very large and active community that was looking for just the kind of content that the author’s book provides.

Client Love:

Julienne Givot ‘s expert assistance in directing the social media campaign for my novel, Gideon’s Children, has proved absolutely invaluable. Not only does she possess a thorough understanding of the workings of the social media world, she is creative, attentive, and devoted to the needs of her clients. She treats the goals of her clients as if they were her own, and proceeds toward achieving them accordingly—and one cannot ask for anything more. I consider myself most fortunate to be able to form “a partnership” with her in support of my book Gideon’s Children.                                                       – Howard G. Franklin, Author


Some of our favorite images created for Gideon’s Children: