One of our favorite types of project is bringing a great book to life as an audiobook!  As Executive Producers of audiobooks we manage the entire process from beginning to launch for authors and publishers. Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in the digital publishing industry. (More info on this super hot market here: Global audiobook trends 2018) They also provide an author with a previously published book a unique opportunity to get new reviews and tons of publicity.  Oh and an additional revenue stream for new and back catalog books.

What does an Audiobook Executive Producer do exactly?

  • Budget and project management for the entire process.
  • Works with Author/Publisher to identify any special considerations for audiobook. (accents, music, pronunciations, voice type/style)
  • Manages auditions and recruitment of Narrator/Producer (voice talent)
  • Negotiates contract between Publisher/Author and voice talent
  • Sets and manages production schedule.
  • Reviews every second of the recording for quality, fidelity to text & and any special considerations.
  • Once audiobook is completed gets approval from Publisher/Author
  • Launches the book to retail outlets.

We have produced several full length audiobooks as well as five audio courses and have produced a podcast for the last seven years.

Ochoco Reach by Jim Stewart / more info / listen to a sample on
Angel’s Devil by M. Louis / more info / listen to a sample on
Secondhand Smoke by M. Louis / listen to a sample on

Voice Talent

We maintain a list of talented voice actors & narrators who are our “go to” people.  If you are a voice actor with experience narrating books, send us an email with a link to your audio reel.  email  jg at bothandmedia dot com

Authors & Publishers

If you are interested in having us produce your audiobook send an email and we will set up a phone call to discuss. email  jg at bothandmedia dot com