How We Can Help

Creative left brain and right brainWe are ready to help you and your small business with Social Media, Web and Media Production.  We tailor our services to your needs and act as partners for the win.  If you just need guidance and support on making social and web technology work for you or you need help managing the whole enchilada, we can help.

Our brains are geared for both the technical, organized, engineering needs of the modern business AND the creative, intuitive and imaginative flourishes that help you stand out from the crowd without being schlocky.

We are based in California and Hawaii but serve clients all over the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Contact us to set up a free 20 minute chat jg (@) bothandmedia (dot) com  |  510-813-4114


 Visit our client projects page for some examples of our work.


Social Media

We consult, strategize and implement creative social media marketing for individuals and small businesses.  We partner with you to craft social marketing based on what you do best – your business. Your business has a unique story and when we connect that story to social & online media, great things can happen!

Whether you are furthering your brand in the social media space or launching a new product or service we can bring our skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Web Design & Development

If you need a new website or need to re-design one you already have, we can help. We can also serve as your site’s web team and make updates or train you on how you can do it yourself.


Tech / Media Consulting

Staying on top of what technology & social media has to offer can seem daunting and time consuming.  We’ll consult with you on your goals and advise of you current and upcoming technology that is a good fit for you.


Market Research

We help our clients understand their market and understand how and where to reach them.

Our market reports for authors provide them with the following:

  • Categories and Genres
  • List of popular benchmark authors / books with strong crossover appeal
  • Tags / Keywords for use with SEO, marketing and ad targeting


Media Production

We are skilled and savvy producers of online media and love collaborating with our clients on projects from downloadable audio courses to online promotional events.

  • Video editing & production for YouTube / web distribution
  • Promo video direction and production
  • Sound editing for podcasts / SoundCloud / Audio Courses
  • Audiobook production (end to end project management of audiobooks)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ve partnered with an amazing company to provide top of the line search optimization for small to medium sized businesses.  Imagine your business rocketing to the ‘above the fold’ of Google search results?  Contact us today to discuss.


The Big List of Services:

  • Podcast production
  • Audio course production
  • Website development and updates (WordPress and Wix)
  • Facebook Ad placement & design
  • Project Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Info graphics, timeline images, banners, profile photos
  • Social media branding campaigns
  • Business card design
  • Contests and promotions
  • Branded image posts
  • Blog content creation & editing
  • Email marketing / Newsletters
  • Copy writing
  • Bios
  • Video creation and editing


Our Social Media Philosophy


Community – Be in the conversation.

The heart of social media is engaging with your community in a personable, helpful way while building a larger audience. We think of it as maintaining kinship with your clients and attracting new members to join the conversation.


Strategy – Make wise choices and don’t make yourself crazy.

The choices and changes in social media and marketing can be overwhelming. We keep abreast of social media trends and the latest tools and techniques so our clients don’t have to. Selecting the most appropriate social media outlets is key to a successful and sustainable presence online. We help our clients invest their time and energy in outlets and campaigns that will do the most to meet their goals.


Implement – Take action.

Our clients choose their level of engagement with social media that fits their needs and time. We can train in-house staff on community management or work in partnership to take care of the tactical and day-to-day efforts of maintaining an online presence from blogging to social marketing campaigns.

Many clients have us build their social media presence for 3-4 months to get things rolling and then train their staff to take over when they have the time and bandwidth to do so.