Our Favorite Vendors

When we work with a company that provides a great product and backs it up with equally fantastic service, we want to shout their praises from the rooftops.

Here are some companies that we have had the pleasure of working with and would encourage you to patronize should you have the need.  They rock and we have a feeling you will be happy you chose them too.

Super Fabulous Printing by Moo.com

Stunning business cards, flyers and post cards and more by one of the most innovative and fun online printers around.  We love them for the luxury look of their printing and for the ability to print a different image on the back of every card (they call it printfinity).  Pair that with their fantastic and responsive customer service and they are a big Win-Win for us and our clients.  They might not be the cheapest deal in printing, but we think they are the best. Check them out and save 10% on your first order with this link.

Website Hosting & Infrastructure by WordPress

We’ve been using WordPress to build websites and blogs for over 10 years.  It’s our favorite platform for it’s ease of use, security and stability.  When it comes to hosting on their network we appreciate the stellar support that they provide.  We frequently encourage our clients to choose them for hosting for this reason as well as it’s ease of use and security.

Email Marketing by Mad Mimi

We’ve been using Mad Mimi for over 6 years and they have consistently provided both a great service as well as some of the best customer service around.  They are what’s right with the internet and something that can be persnickety like email marketing.  Their prices are competitive and the interface to create simple lovely email is just that, simple and lovely.   Check them out!

Sell your digital products online with Gumroad

If you have music, an ebook, audio course or other digital project, selling it online just got a whole lot easier!  We’ve been working with Gumroad for our clients for a year now and have been impressed with how fast and easy it is to create, share and sell digital products with Gumroad.  Their customer service has been nothing less than stellar and we even got a follow up email from their CEO.  Check them out!

Website Hosting  by Blue Host

We’ve partnered with Bluehost because they provide a great service and have responsive 24hr support.  We know this from experience having had to call them for help getting a back-up restored after a client accidentally deleted their website at 2am.  (The client sent us cookies that week. 😉  If your site needs to be available 24 hours a day have a fast connection to visitors from around the world, they are your best bet.  Clicking through from our site will also give you prices lower than available on their regular website.  Just saying.  Check them out!

Mindbuck Media, Book Publicity

We’ve been working with Jessica Glenn and the Mindbuck Media team since 2013.  They do a stellar work and are always our number one recommendation for book publicity services. We often partner with them to provide full scale book marketing services to authors and publishers. Check them out!