The Both/And Team

  • Web Enginnering 111%
  • Server 102%
  • Tetris 76%
  • Being a Rad Dad 200%


IT/Web Guy

Home Base:  Ventura, CA
Clients: Web and SEO Consulting locally and nationally, IT Support for Small Businesses in Ventura County
Beverage: Coffee with a shot of espresso (aka a Red-eye)

  • 16+ years as a consultant in web development, IT management
  • 4+ years application development
  • 4+ years as a board member of local non-profit and athletic associations
  • Communications 110%
  • Social Media 100%
  • Sports Trivia -5%
  • Web Design 100%
  • Win-Win Consulting 100%


Media Maven

Home Base:  Maui, Hawaii / Washington, D.C. Metro Area
Clients:  Small Businesses and Individuals (Authors, Artists, Speakers) both locally and nationally
Beverage: Iced tea with guava juice
Contact: / (510) 813-4114

  • 20 years as a consultant and leader in industries such as e-learning, e-commerce, web development and information technology
  • 11 years building websites, managing blogs, podcasts and social media for individuals, small businesses and creatives
  • 20+ years as an artist creating new and interesting ways to express stories that connect people together

I’ve been involved with designing and creating websites since they were made with the technical equivalent of rocks and sticks. I’m an early adopter of a lot of different social media technology (anyone else remember Friendster?).

Community involvement:  I’m always trying to connect creativity & service so from time to time I host charity fundraisers that incorporate those values. I’m avid supporter of the Masomo Project, Raphael House, Homeboy Industries, Hale Kau Kau and Blossomy  (among others).

Personal tid bits:   I read a great deal, I love movies and nerdy stuff like sci-fi and mysteries. I’ve been showing my artwork in galleries since I was a teenager (really!).  I’m also a wedding officiant ,artist and I have a website / blog on archetypes .

Education & Certifications:   Emerson College, New England School of Photography, Cal Poly, CMED Institute, Degree in Professional Photography, Certified Archetypal Consultant

Julienne’s Favorite Social Media Channels:


  • Napping 110%
  • Trouble Making 88%
  • Being Cute 90%


CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

Home Base: Kihei, Hawaii
Beverage: fresh cold water

Experience:  Playing, napping and getting in trouble since May 2017. She makes sure the hooman does not spend too much time at the computer.

Community involvement:  Being a semi-domesticated feral Maui kitty, I’m a community ambassador to the hoomans. Spay and neuter!

Personal tid bits:  Hoku’iki means Little Star in Hawaiian.  She was born at the Fishpond and only eats fish.  She goes by many names including:  Pueo (Hawaiian for Owl), Cybex, Moochy and Jerk