Thank you for all your work and help and communication on this! I’m very pleased with how my site looks now, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more work soon.
– Anne Hawley, Certified Story Grid Editor / AnneHawley.net


Julienne’s work is first-rate. No amount of overstatement by me can compete with the reality of her skill. I grant that this is a field I know nothing about, but speaking strictly as someone who put all of his ignorance and all of his faith in her expertise, I feel unassailable to say that you’d be wrong not to.

-Ray Buckley, Actor, Cinematographer & Author / Ray Buckley.net


IlanaMJulienne and her team did an amazing job on my website and with my branding. She came in on time and on budget and everything looks awesome. She was easy to communicate with and exceeded my expectations. I will continue to do business with her and highly recommend her!
-Ilana Minkoff, Realtor®, Vanguard Realty / Live & Play in SF


sfpc_officers_2016I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for the wonderful job you did in designing our website. Several of our members have emailed me to say how much they liked it. If you ever need a written reference in the future, you can contact us. We would be more than happy to supply it.  – Jo Ella Manalan, Secretary, South Florida Petanque Club




New_HGF_profilePicJulienne Givot ‘s expert assistance in directing the social media campaign for my novel, Gideon’s Children, has proved absolutely invaluable. Not only does she possess a thorough understanding of the workings of the social media world, she is creative, attentive, and devoted to the needs of her clients. She treats the goals of her clients as if they were her own, and proceeds toward achieving them accordingly—and one cannot ask for anything more. I consider myself most fortunate to be able to form “a partnership” with her in support of my book Gideon’s Children.   – Howard G. Franklin, Author  howardgfranklin.com


TabithaBYou are a marvel, and I very much appreciated your time. I was just thinking about you and wanted to say “thank you” for your great advice. At the risk of sounding like a Rogaine or NutraSystem testimonial, I’ve tripled my followers and have so many Twitter interaction success stories! Keep fighting the good fight for us gawky art types!
– Tabitha Blankenbiller, Author and budding Twitter sensation, www.tabithablankenbiller.com


JessicaG_picNot only is Julienne is easy to work with due to her personable, smart, and practical approach to communications, it is easy to see the value her work provides to my business. Julienne’s highly organized approach prioritizes social media results, which she explains in non-tech lingo. I recommend her without hesitation for anyone wanting to boost their social media presence.
– Jessica Glenn Owner of Mindbuck Media


Bradford_2Julienne has been our guiding light in building and maintaining our Social Media presence. Her ability break down the ‘the big picture’ into clear, concise and manageable projects has been instrumental in spreading our companies brand and message. She constantly suggests new opportunities and ideas that may be useful for our unique business profile.
-Bradford Mattin – Vice President, Alan J. Blair Personnel



acb-180x180Julienne Givot did a masterful job of redesigning ACBurch.com. Her intuition and skills combined to provide a breakthrough experience for my readers. The world I write about is complex and off-beat. As such, it required a visual translation that quickly engaged first-time visitors as sustained those who frequently return.
Julienne accomplished just that. She was fun to work with, extremely responsive, and incredibly creative. I plan to work with her again at the next available opportunity. -A. C. Burch, Author, The HomePort Journals, A Book of Revelations



Sally_headshotA first-time author, I was setting out on a book tour, and experiencing so many learning curves with social media, I thought I was going to go ‘round the bend. Then Julienne came along and lifted me from despair. She immediately explained what she could do, what I could do easily and what we both could work on down the road. Not only is she savvy, intuitive and innovative, she understands my book and the messages I am trying to get across. She knows how to represent me and always puts fantastic energy into her work. I not only would recommend her, I have recommended her to other authors and business people.
-Sally Ooms, Author & Owner of Homefree Publishing


Hollis WalkerPicIt’s been a real journey to do this, and a real learning experience. All of your advice to me has been so valuable. I cannot thank you enough. I hope we get to do business together again in some way in the future.
-Hollis Walker, Author


jim 015 croppedAn Archetypal Endorsement

Artist: I have wanted a website for several years and never got around to it. I mentioned it to Julienne at lunch a year or so ago. She said, “Oh, I design those.” A month later my website was up and running. It’s simple to navigate and aesthetically beautiful, both of which I’ve been told by several people.

Coach (Babysitter): Julienne continually inspires, prods and encourages me to make real the projects I’ve dreamt about doing but never got done, things like a website, a blog, a newsletter and online classes.

Collaborator (Editor/Producer): Julienne has an uncanny knack for uncluttering and clarifying what I want to say without changing what I want to say. She is so skilled and intuitive that I regard her more as a partner in my projects than an editor.

Confessor: Julienne listens and listens and listens. She’s absolutely trustworthy and her penances are light.

Creative EMT: Julienne is seemingly always on call—when I’m stuck, when my creative juices run dry, when I need a transfusion.

Engineer: Anyone who knows me knows that my technological skills are pretty much limited to turning my computer on and off. Transfer files? Change a jpeg to a pdf? You’ve got to be kidding me. Julienne talks me down and walks me through such things patiently and repeatedly in language that a Luddite can understand.

Mid-Wife: She tells me when to breathe, when to push, and when it’s time to stop holding back and give birth.

Promoter: Julienne seems to come up with at least an idea a day for getting my work out and into circulation. She’s tireless.

Wild Child: This is the best part. She’s really fun to hang with even when the work is hard and frustrating. She thinks outside the box.

I recommend her without reservation and will continue to do so until or unless she gets too busy for me and then I’ll become proprietary.

-Jim Curtan, Spiritual Director, Archetypal Counselor and Retreat Leader, jimcurtan.com