Jim Curtan, Author & Teacher

Posted By Julienne Givot on Aug 27, 2014 |

“I recommend Julienne without reservation and will continue to do so until or unless she gets too busy for me and then I’ll become proprietary.” -Jim Curtan, Author & Teacher

An Archetypal Endorsement

Artist: I have wanted a website for several years and never got around to it. I mentioned it to Julienne at lunch a year or so ago. She said, “Oh, I design those.” A month later my website was up and running. It’s simple to navigate and aesthetically beautiful, both of which I’ve been told by several people.

Coach (Babysitter): Julienne continually inspires, prods and encourages me to make real the projects I’ve dreamt about doing but never got done, things like a website, a blog, a newsletter and online classes.

Collaborator (Editor/Producer): Julienne has an uncanny knack for uncluttering and clarifying what I want to say without changing what I want to say. She is so skilled and intuitive that I regard her more as a partner in my projects than an editor.

Confessor: Julienne listens and listens and listens. She’s absolutely trustworthy and her penances are light.

Creative EMT: Julienne is seemingly always on call—when I’m stuck, when my creative juices run dry, when I need a transfusion.

Engineer: Anyone who knows me knows that my technological skills are pretty much limited to turning my computer on and off. Transfer files? Change a jpeg to a pdf? You’ve got to be kidding me. Julienne talks me down and walks me through such things patiently and repeatedly in language that a Luddite can understand.

Mid-Wife: She tells me when to breathe, when to push, and when it’s time to stop holding back and give birth.

Promoter: Julienne seems to come up with at least an idea a day for getting my work out and into circulation. She’s tireless.

Wild Child: This is the best part. She’s really fun to hang with even when the work is hard and frustrating. She thinks outside the box.

I recommend her without reservation and will continue to do so until or unless she gets too busy for me and then I’ll become proprietary.

Jim Curtan, Author, Teacher, Archetypal Counselor and Retreat Leader