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Client: Sally Ooms
Location: San Francisco, Sacramento and the Road
Industry: Author, Speaker, Journalist
Project: Social Marketing Management & Consulting

Author and journalist, Sally Ooms was about to embark on a multi-state book tour and needed help getting her social media act together. She was new to the world of social media and at her wits end with how to handle Twitter, Facebook and what she should be doing to promote her new book online while she was on tour.

We stepped in just days before she left and go to work so Sally could concentrate on her book tour.

What we do for Sally:FindingHomes_cover

  • Social strategy
  • Facebook, Twitter, Amazon & Goodreads profile optimization and management
  • Market research and fan development
  • Pinterest concept and management
  • Blog creation, editing, outreach and promotion
  • Seasonal promotions on social channels
  • Website management
  • Email marketing development and management (quarterly newsletter)
  • Graphic design of marketing materials


The Win:

Sally was relieved and thrilled with our service and has kept us on to manage most of her marketing efforts. After a few months she’s getting the hang of Twitter and is happily out there in tweet-land connecting with readers and organizations that are interested in her work.

Client Love:

“A first-time author, I was setting out on a book tour, and experiencing so many learning curves with social media, I thought I was going to go ‘round the bend. Then Julienne came along and lifted me from despair. She immediately explained what she could do, what I could do easily and what we both could work on down the road. Not only is she savvy, intuitive and innovative, she understands my book and the messages I am trying to get across. She knows how to represent me and always puts fantastic energy into her work. I not only would recommend her, I have recommended her to other authors and business people.”
-Sally Ooms, Author

Finding Home: How Americans Prevail

Some of our favorite images created for Sally: