Social Media, Web & Project Management

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 |

Social Media, Web & Project Management

Client: Lucky Bat Books
Gregory Benford (author) Starship Century (Book)
Location: Portland, Oregon & The World
Industry: Book Publishing

Both/And Media was contacted by Lucky Bat Books to be the Social Media arm of their team working to promote a new anthology of stories and essays by some of the brightest minds in the science and science fiction.  Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon lays the foundations for interstellar travel within the next 100 years.   The impressive list of authors include Gregory Benford (editor of the anthology), Stephen Baxter, Neal Stephenson, David Brin, Freeman Dyson, Sir Martin Rees, Stephen Hawking, Allen Steele, Peter Schwartz and many more.

This was no ordinary book launch, this was a movement with a book and many global events associated with it and Both/And Media was thrilled to be involved!

What we did for Lucky Bat / Starship Century:

  • Designed & built a website to promote the book and associated events.
  • Social Media Plan for pre-launch and extensive launch campaign
  • Devised and implement promotions, contests and online events
  • Outreach to authors and coordination of social campaigns
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Design and creation of original branded posts
  • Outreach and audience building from diverse groups (science and science fiction fans)
  • Community management and reporting for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest channels
  • Blog editing, curation, production and promotion
  • Live tweeted promotional events.
  • Managed social media activity for international symposium, including video and live international Q&A
  • Organized and promoted Google Hangouts with authors

The Win:

We gathered and built a highly engaged audience to support the book and associated events.  We tracked and reported media buzz and ever growing following throughout the pre and post launch.  The publishers, authors and fans were well pleased to have expanded audiences and a community built to continue the conversation and efforts for achieving interstellar travel.  Mission accomplished!


Some of our favorite images created for Starship Century: