Audiobook Production

Posted on Jul 11, 2017 |

Audiobook Production

When author Jim Stewart  approached me to be the executive producer of an audiobook version of his 2016 National Book Award nominated novel Ochoco Reach I was thrilled.   I had the pleasure of reading his deftly crafted book previously and was excited to dig in and bring the story to life in audio form.  My number one pick for narrator, Colin Iago McCarthy was just finishing another project I was working on and would lend his talents to this project as well. Sometimes a voice is just perfect for a book and matching the two together is something I take great pride in as a Producer.

The result was an excellent representation of the book brought in on budget and in time to meet holiday gifting season.  Reviews have been excellent with remarks on the high quality of the narration, sound and overall appeal.  Audiobooks are a favorite project of mine and I’m always happy to discuss the process with authors.

From reviews:

“Colin Iago McCarthy did a wonderful job narrating, it’s the first audiobook that I’ve listened to from him, but this style of writing suits his voice to perfection. The audio production was flawless.” – Audio Audits


“Colin Iago McCarthy did an excellent job as narrator. His voice was soothing even through the excitement, his voice was polished and reflected each character well. He spoke clearly and with depth.  There were no issues with the audio quality of this production.”
– AudioBook