Audio Workshop Production & Marketing

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Audio Workshop Production & Marketing

Client: Jim Curtan
Location: Los Angeles, California
Industry: Personal Development

Jim contacted us about producing some of his classroom workshops into downloadable courses that he could make available online for sale online.  Since many of his courses involve commentary about specific movies we had to work in such a way as to steer clear of any copyright issues but also replicate as close as possible the integrated experience of watching and learning from a film in the classroom.  We worked together to identify the best way to deliver such a course and launched the sale of the first course in March of 2014.  Both/And Media organized recording sessions, edited audio and produced the accompanying workbook as well as handling marketing outreach and promotions.

We also created audio courses from recordings taken from Jim’s live workshops held in the US and abroad.  The courses available to the public are sold through the Gumroad e-commerce site and provide a steady stream of passive income.

Our partnership with Jim now extends to managing all of his marketing and technology.


What we do for Jim Curtan:

  • Social Media management  – Facebook & Pinterest
  • Email Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Market Outreach / Partnerships
  • Blog editing, production and promotion
  • Audio Course Production
  • Website re-design and management
  • Graphic Design (Branded Posts, Brochures, Business Cards)


The Win:

Jim was thrilled to finally make his work available online and to have found a team that not only understood how to technically make his goals a reality but to keep his online presence alive while widening his audience.  He can concentrate on what he is best at and leave the rest to us.

Some of our favorite images created for Jim: